I went to Primark before Christmas and there were a whole freaking lot of “wintery” things. Primark has really affordable prices so you really can’t be surprised if if you buy a pair of shoes and they don’t last as much as a pair of Converse. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have super cool stuff.

Let me show you what I bought:





This candles are super cheap and they smell a lot.

We all know how amazing Yankee candles are, but we also know how expensive they are. When I was at the home-wear area looking at the candles I couldn’t imagine that they would smell that much and that good.



Look at that beautiful jar. I love candles that have a tap to put on. And I really the design of this one, it’s a bit rustic but that bright white makes it look simple and, somehow, elegant to me.

As I said before it smells a lot, and I thought that it would smell sweeter but it has kind of a hint of something spicy and it’s really nice.



Vanilla. What more can I say?

I love the fact that when you open the tap it smells a lot but when you burn it it’s not a heavy smell, and it leaves a really nice vanilla scent.

And again the little jar is super cute.





I love everything about this cup: how “christmacy” it looks, how freaking big it is (about 500 ml), and the fact that it makes me drink more water because of it’s size.





It’s super soft and if you look closely you can see little roses. The colour it’s a really pale pink and it looks lovely. you can put it on your bed or on the sofa or wherever you want really.





I find this kind of slippers more comfortable than the classical style, so when I saw this reindeer boots I had to buy them. (I also have a fur ones and another ones that looks like “monster” paws).

May I say that I bought a small size by mistake but I have made them bigger.

By the way they are super soft.





I haven’t try them yet but I loved that light brown colour and that they look like actual roses.

I think this could be a really good present for someone, to put it in like a spa basket gift.





I’ve always have problems with tights. They break, they are too small, they are too thin or too thick… But this one are perfect for me,  they keep my legs warm and they feel amazing cause they are super flexible.





The coziest thing ever.

I’m always cold in winter and because I work at home with fabric and sewing, I can’t wear a coat or anything that doesn’t let me move easily. But this robe is super light and it makes me stay warm.

Actually Primark has a really good range of warm clothes like robes and pyjamas.


Definitely going back to Primark very soon!

P.D.: I’ve never realised how many times I use the words “really” and “super”, It’s embarrassing… But oh well 🙂


Judith xx 


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