10 Things To Do After A Long Day


Everyone deserves to relax after a long day. But sometimes you don’t even know how to. So here are the things that I like to do:

bath bomb.JPG

1· Have a bath: Maybe my baths are way too long (I can watch a full movie in there), but there is nothing better that that, and you can bring a drink too!

2· Paint my nails: I’m horrible at that, but if I take my time they can look pretty good!

3· Put a face mask: Help your skin while relaxing? Hell yeah!

4· Watch a TV show/ movie: cozy up in your bed or on the sofa, grab a snack and let the time pass.

5· Make pancakes: This may not be your thing, but it relaxes me: What’s better than pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes for dinner!


6· Write: Some people write in their journals, sometimes I feel inspired and I would write a blog post.

7· Make some tea: Tea is already good on it’s own, but there is a proper way of doing it, it’s like a ritual.

8· Catch up on YouTube: I love Zoe Sugg’ vlogs, they make a bad day a good one.

9· Go to the gym: For some people it’s good to take their minds off any worries.

10· Create an outfit in Polyvore: It’s a website where you can create outfits and find super cool pieces of clothing and accessories.

So those are the things that you can do to relax.

I hope you try one or two or all of them!

Tell me, what do you do after a long day?


Have a great Wednesday. I will come back with another post very soon.

Judith xx

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