Animal Crossing POCKET CAMP App Review


I haven’t been this excited for a videogame for a long time!

This game is form the saga Animal Crossing. It’s not the same as the Nintendo or Wii ones, but it definitely has the same layout.

In this version you are welcomed by Isabelle, who tells you that you’re the owner of a campsite. You can decorate your campsite. You can also catch bugs, go fishing and collect fruit just like in the other versions.


You have missions to complete everyday and they give you rewards.

You have to craft your furniture with the materials that you collect.

In the other versions you get your house and you have to pay to make it bigger and add rooms, in this version you get a van (camper) and you can decorate it and make it bigger just like your house.

If you’re a fan of the Animal Crossing saga you should download this game, it’s definitely a simpler version but it’s really cute and relaxing.

It’s free for iOS and Android. The app needs a lot of bug and performance fixing but it really is worth it.

If you want to add me as your friend my ID is: 8802 2682 928


Have a great Thursday. I will come back with another post very soon!

Judith xx

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