Today I bring you one of my favourite apps of the moment (and I mean from the past months): Lifesum!

Lifesum is a food diary, that tracks your calorie intake as well as proteins, fat, water…

You make a profile where you put how much you weight, if you have an active lifestyle, diet (or not diet) you want to go for.

If you need to drink more water this app help you. If you need to find super yummy and healthy recipes this is the place!


  • It really helped me eat fewer fats and be more healthy.
  • I love the fact that it takes in count the calories that you burn.
  • I love the app overall.
  • CONS:
    • If you want access to all the recipes you have to pay for the premium version, even though it’s not a lot.
  • Have you tried this app? Tell me if you have or if you will!
  • Have a great Friday. I will come back with another post next Tuesday!
  • Judith xx
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