Best School Stationary


If there’s something to be excited about starting school is stationary. I’m one of those persons who have drawers full of pens and pencils that I’m not going to consume in one lifetime.

I remember going to school carrying  3 pencil cases because I wanted (and I thought) that I would need everything. Over the years I minimized the things that I would take to school just to be more comfortable and actually use what I have.

So today I bring you a list of the things that I think it’s important to have on your pencil case.

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+Starting with your pencil case. You want it to be functional and big enough so you don’t have to push things in to close it.

+Pens: The best ones to carry are those which have 4 in 1 or more that one colour in one. Why carry 4 different pens when you can carry just one?

+Colurful pens: You like to keep your notes nice with a beautiful layout? That’s good but don’t go crazy bringing a 50-pieces set. Brands like Stabilo or Staedtler have quality pens, for a good price, that come in sets of  4, 6, 10, 20… They’re really thin so they won’t waste a lot of space.


+Pencils: I love writing with a pencil but they break and you need to sharpen them and sometimes you don’t have time for that. So the best solution is a propelling pencil. There’re a lot of options, thin, thick, elegant, cute… The thick ones even have a little sharpener built on the top of the pencils!

+Rubbers: Keep it simple but with quality. Yes, there are a lot of super cute ones but choose one with great quality and you won’t regret it when it actually erases what you want without ripping off the paper or leaving a pink trail behind. Staedtler has these really cool ones that look like pencils.


+Colour pencils/crayons: Do you really need them? Or will they distract you and make you slow? If you need them because you’re in some artistic course, then buy the ones that your teacher tells you. If you need them for other reasons keep it simple and try short-length ones. The quality is the same but they will save you space, which is what we’re going for.


+Ruler: Keep away from those flexible ones, your lines will never be straight. Be careful when choosing your ruler, you don’t want it to be too small that is useless or too big that you need to carry it on your hand. And again, simple makes it better!

+Highlighters: They’re important! If you don’t have time to pull out your ruler and underline something all you have to do is highlight it, it has the same effect but it’s quicker. One or two colours would be enough.


The goal of this post is to help you organize and keep your pencil case simple so you can focus on what really matters! 

Hope it was helpful! Good luck starting school!


Have a nice Friday. I will come back with another post on Tuesday!

Judith xx

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