7 Ways To Help With Cravings/Snacking


I love snacking and giving in to my craving because “I deserve it today”, but sometimes I have to stop myself or I wouldn’t stop eating food that is usually not so healthy.

I know how hard it is to say no to a snack (trust me, I used to work in a bakery 7 hours a day with very yummy looking food that smelt and tasted amazing)

I’ve read about eating more proteins, practise mindful eating, keep a food journal, get enough sleep… But those are long-term processes so here are 7 tricks I use and actually work!

1. Drink water: this is the most important one. It’s good for your skin, it’s good for your digestive system and if you drink enough then your tummy will be so full you won’t be hungry. Just be aware that when you start drinking more water you will have to pee very often!


2. Brush your teeth: If you brush your teeth with a fresh toothpaste I can assure you that you will not want to eat anything because:

  • Whatever you eat will taste pretty awful.
  • Do you really want to get your teeth dirty again?

3. Chewing gum: Does this sound silly? Sometimes if you trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating something it can stop your craving. Fresh/mint chewing gum works better than sweet ones. It does the same effect than the toothpaste.

4. Distance yourself from the craving: If you can’t have it you can’t eat it. Stop putting that chocolate bar in your bag I know you have.


5. Avoid getting extremely hungry: Starving/fasting never ends well. You will end up snacking and eating larger portions afterwards. Instead of just breakfast–Lunch–Dinner, break your day into 5 meals. Breakfast–A piece of fruit–Lunch–Homemade goods like banana bread–Dinner.

6. Be aware if it’s stress, boredom or actual hunger:

  • If it’s stress try and get fresh air, do 20 deep breaths, wash your face or stretch out your body.
  • If it’s boredom try and do a quick DIY craft, clean something, go outside or exercise.
  • If it’s actual hunger DO NOT DENY FOOD TO YOUR BODY if it really needs it or we will be back to number 5.

7. Don’t go grocery shopping if you feel hungry or before a meal: You will buy more food that you need and you will buy snacks that you will eat after.

If all of the above fail at least choose a healthy option for a snack like fruit or a smoothie. Don’t go for the quick and easy, but bad for you, choice.

I hope my little tricks and tips were useful to you! If you have another tip please leave a comment, I would love to hear more!


Have a nice Friday. I will come back with another post next Tuesday!

Judith xx

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