Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4


Season 4… CHECK!

Here we go:


  • Cristina and Meredith went on a honeymoon together. That’s goals.
  • Addison is gone 😦
  • I love George being an intern. Again. He’s so cute.
  • LEXI GREY is finally here!! Yay!


  • Oh. My. God. Fricking Lucifer from Supernatural!


  • I feel so bad for Callie. She’s so stressed out.
  • Rebecca can leave already.
  • I can’t see Izzie and George as a couple.
  • I don’t like Hanh.
  • Seriously? Zacharias from Supernatural too??
  • Bailey and George’s special moments are so precious.
  • Dereck is kissing that nurse. Ew. No.


  • Bailey operating on that nazi guy. Wow.
  • Lexie is stealing things from the hospital for her and George’s apartment. She’s the best.
  • I don’t care if it’s only for one episode, Addison is back.


  • Honestly, Rebecca/Ava is really annoying.
  • Okay, I feel really bad for Rebecca now. But, she’s breaking Alex.
  • I need more of MerDer in this season. But I’m proud of how much they fought for the clinical trial.
  • Callie has told Erica her feelings!

There you have it! Not my favourite season, but it has a lot of great moments. Lexie is here, the characters are in a new position which is interesting, you get to see Alex not being an idiot, Callie is more Callie than ever… Overall I think this is the most relaxing season of them all.

What do you think?

Keep up with me for season 5!!


Have a nice Tuesday. I will come back with another post on Friday!

Judith xx

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