Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Review


At the begging of the year, I bought myself a PlayStation 4 just because I deserved it! I work really hard and that was like a late Christmas present for me.

I got the pack that included: PS4, a controller and 3 games (actually 5, keep reading)

One of the games is Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which I was really excited to play since I saw the gameplay of Uncharted 4. Basically, this game includes the three first Uncharted, so it’s not only one if not 3.



The game did not disappoint me one bit. I thought I wouldn’t like the first one, Drake’s Fortune, because it’s quite old but it’s actually really good. The only downside was probably the length, it was quite short.

I have to say that the second one, Among Thieves, was my favourite one. The obvious improvements from the last one make things a lot more interesting. It’s longer and the storyline is better. Also, the graphics and all the scenography is a big improvement.


The third one called Drake’s Decision it’s my least favourite one. The game is really good and the storyline too, but maybe there’s way too much story and video for me. It felt like I spent 65% of the time watching the game and 35% playing it.

I tend to go for free-world games but I love this saga. Definitely going to try Uncharted 4!

Price: it’s on Amazon for 26.99€!!

Do I recommend this collection? YES! I really did enjoy playing and learning the story! It would make an awesome gift, very affordable for 3 games.


Have a nice Tuesday. I will come back with another post on Friday!

Judith xx

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