Face Cleanser Foam with Carrot Oil by Fancy Handy


Let’s talk about this cleansing foam that I can’t decide if I love or hate.

What is it? This is a face cleanser that appears to be liquid but turns into a beautiful and soft foam.

What does it say it does? The carrot oil nourishes your skin, it contains beta-caratens which has antioxidant properties and provides vitamin A.


Does it work? I have mixed feelings about this products. When I started using it I absolutely loved it:

  • It’s really gentle with your skin.
  • You only need one pump!
  • My skin felt really clean and nourished!
  • It removes makeup without any effort.
  • Love the packaging and the fact that it turns to foam.


What happened? My skin started to breakout. I’m not sure if I had a bad reaction to this cleanser (it felt really good on my skin) or it was a coincidence that my acne started at the same time.


I used half a bottle and stopped to know if my skin got any better. After some time I use it again and my skin was still the same. It’s true that it felt a bit harsh after using it daily so even if I like the idea of a foam cleanser I will not buy this one again. 

I believe it was less than 5€.

Would I recommend this product? Not really sure. If you have sensitive skin then I would recommend it, but if you don’t have any skin problems then why not give it a go!


Have a nice Friday. I will come back with another post next Tuesday!

Judith xx

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