To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review


I’ve joined the club of people obsess over “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. It’s been almost two months since this movie came out and it immediately had a lot of fans.

The movie is based on the book with the same title. I haven’t read the book, but because I loved the movie so much I have put it on my Christmas list.


The movie is about a 16-year-old girl named Lara Jean that wrote love letters whenever she fell in love with someone in her life. She wrote about what it would be like to be with that boy or the way she loved him, but she never told anyone those feelings or about the letters. Until one day, her little sister sends the letters to all the boys Lara wrote them for. From being a nobody to dating the “king of the cafeteria”. From a shy personality to speaking out what she feels.


I’ve discovered three new actors and I’m in love with them: Lana Condor who plays Lara Jean makes the character really relatable in a very natural and refreshing way. Noah Centineo plays Peter Kavinski and is now the new boyfriend of America. Israel Broussard as Josh Sanderson and the way he portrayed his character makes you feel like you’ve gained a new best friend.


It was a joy to watch. Something new and exciting. With a little bit of drama (of course) but with tons of cute and very real moments for any teenager or young adult.

I really like that Lara’s father was a single father raising three daughters and doing it wonderfully. Also, the little sister, portrayed by Anna Cathcart, is hilarious and reminds me of my little cousins.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! If you haven’t watched it yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for!


Have a nice Tuesday. I will come back with another post on Friday!

Judith xx

7 thoughts on “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

  1. The book is even better!! I read it after watching the movie and am going to treat myself to the second book in the series so I can read it over my next vacation 🙂


  2. I felt like it was overhyped merely for the fact that it had an Asian American as the protagonist. The story and execution were bland, in my opinion. Still a good watch when you’re bored though.

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