Instagram Favourites – October


Fall is here and so are the hashtags #instafall #fallinspo #sweaterweather and so many more. I love scrolling down those hashtags because they actually inspire me in my daily life but also to be more creative with my Instagram and Twitter feed.

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Today I wanted to share with you my favourite Instagram accounts. I’ve been loving them for a while and in their own unique way they bring those fall/autumn vibes into my life!

1. @louisabrueg


I’ve been following her for months now and I love her content. She has a different style from what you usually see and that’s what makes me excited when she posts.

2. @oliviabynature


She’s my queen of street style outfits. Her personality is the cutest and she’s always engaging with her followers which I love! You can also watch what she’s up to on her youtube channel.

3. @alexcentomo


Alex does fall like no other. She lives in Canada so everything is just pretty, her outfits makes you want to renovate your whole closet and she’s always spreading good vibes. Just look at her aesthetic feed! I’m sure you all know here youtube channel…

4. @statusfemme


Daily Inspo for all the femmes. I found her/their Twitter about a week ago and I’m obsessed. I would describe them as the must-follow for any independent, bad-ass, classy, young female. They also have a blog, go and have a look and become a Femmesider!

5. @ginagoesto


Gina will show you the world best spots to eat, sleep and live. Her photography style makes you spend hours scrolling down her feed.

6. @sunbeamsjess


*Rocky Balboa theme song starts playing* Jess is my absolute favourite person in the vlogers community. “Her vlogtobers” are my happy place. A side from YouTube her instagram feed is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.

7. @georgiaroisin


Parisian style. Parisian lifestyle. I adore her Parisian vibes and how she keeps it real. Perfect inspiration for the little push we all need to have the feed that we want.


Those were my favourite Instagram accounts for October. (I just realised they are all girls/women so yay!) What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Do they inspire you?



Have a nice Friday. I will come back with another post on Monday!

Judith xx

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