Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What to expect


We have less than a month for the launch of the new Animal Crossing game. And I’m over-excited for it.

The new game is called Animal Crossing: New Horizons and will be available on the 20th of March, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.
You can get it for 55€ on Amazon now, but if you have already pre-ordered (like I did) Amazon will charge the lowest price listed between your order date the release date.

Let’s get to know the game and some of your new features:

The gameplay will be just like the other classic Animal Crossing games, only this time you arrive at an Island by plane thanks to “Tom Nook’s vacation package”.

  1.  You start your New Horizons adventure with a tent, then progressively you will upgrade to a real house.8033c2e984f5ab6c158addcbd23b77d888911347
  2. You can decide where your neighbors will live.
  3.  You can now wear back items like backpacks or satchels, but we still don’t know if they’ll be useful or just simply decorative.
  4. You will be able to create dirt paths with a new tool.paths
  5. All tools will break, but you can craft new ones and gain Nook’s Points.
  6.  We will see flowers grow step-by-step and they will re-grow by picking just the bloom and not the whole plant.
  7.  There are brand new door decorations like summer and winter wreaths.
  8. Moving furniture will be more precise because you will be able to move it “half-tile” and not just one tile.
  9. If you find clams on the beach you can have the possibility of selling them or use them as bait for fishing.
  10.  Outdoor furniture will have less restricted placement than any other prior game, like in New Leaf where we couldn’t place or projects next to a tree or the river.outdoor
  11.  So many options for clothing will be available.
  12. The game will auto-save your progress.
  13. A larger and bigger inventory with a possible clothing sub-inventory. You can also stack more of the same items to save space.
  14.  Something very useful will be the pole to vault over the water and cross a river more easily.pole
  15.  The museum returns more beautiful than ever!museums 1

I hope you’re even more excited for the game done when you started reading this blog post!


Have a nice day. I will come back with another post very soon!

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 20.43.15

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