How To Read More


I get asked how do I have time to read when I’m always busy or working, so today I’m going to share some tips that help me read more! Here we go:

1 – Carry your books everywhere: this makes a huge difference without even noticing. We always have little moments like waiting for the doctor or for the train or even waiting for a friend in a cafe. If you have a book always with you, you can read 10-15 minutes in those moments. Great tip: stop being on your phone and grab the book, you may think that 10 minutes is not a lot but it will slowly make the difference.

2 – Make a To Be Read list to motivate yourself: the satisfaction of crossing off something in a list it’s everything. So make a list to keep track of what you will read next.


3 – Read multiple books: this way you won’t get bored and stop reading altogether. But don’t stop reading one of the books for more than one month because you will lose the plot and will have to star again. 

4 – Share what you read: being a part of any community can inspire you, so join a book club or tweet about what you’re reading and your thoughts. This way is you can motivate yourself and others. It’s also a great way to have different points of view and opinions.

5 – Mark it or underline it: it’s a way to be more concentrated on what you’re reading. If you feel like it will take a lot of time just underline certain things that are really important. 


6 – Some people listen to audio-books: it’s a way of multitasking, but I don’t find it very productive because you can be distracted and lose focus. 

7 – Have a routine: read every night or every morning. Read one hour after lunch or when you get out of school. Just do it before anything else so you don’t procrastinate on this. Make sure to do this every day or at least every weekday and leave the weekends free.

8 – Mark a page goal: like, everyday read 20, 50 or 100 pages. Or make it by chapters. AND STICK TO IT. You will devour a book in no time. 

Bullet Journal Reading Log

9 – Learn new ways to read: you can go from 200 words per minute to 300 or 400, but you need to learn the techniques so you understand what you’re reading. 

10 – Any book is a good book: don’t be ashamed if your book is too fantasy-like or too thin. Every book tells a story or it teaches you something and that is what matters. 

Happy reading! Have a great Sunday. I will come back with another post on Wednesday.

Judith xx


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