Detox Your Body From The Desk


The quarantine can be very stressful for some people and quite the opposite for others.  I hope you’re staying at home if can and you’re safe.

This guide is for all the people that sit in front of their computers all day long and needs to de-tens and stretch the best way possible.

This 5 exercises will make a huge difference if you do them daily:

  1. Twist Body Stretch: sit straight and cross one leg over the other. Put the opposite arm of the crossed leg on your knee and twist your body towards the side of your crossed leg. Hold 3 seconds and do it on the other side. Repeat two times.
  2. Triceps Strech: sit straight and raise your right arm, let your hand hang behind your head and reach with your left hand behind you back. Push your shoulder blades together. Hold for three seconds and repeat on the other side. Do it three times each.
  3. Sideways Strech: sit straight and raise your right hand towards the ceiling. Now, reach your hand towards the left so you stretch your right side of your torse. Hold for 5 seconds and do the other side. Do this 3 times on each side.
  4. Shoulder Squeeze: sit straight and pull your shoulder blades together, hold it for 3-4 seconds. Repeat it 5 times. This one helps a lot!
  5. Thoracic Rotation: sit straight and put both hands at the back of your neck with your elbows pointed to the sides. Now, rotate your torso to the left and slowly to the right. Repeat 5 times. *If you put your arms like the picture below the stretch won’t be as deep as with your hands on the back of your head*



This has made me go from not being able to move my right shoulder without having a lot of pain, to absolutely zero-pain!

I hope this was helpful to you too! Stay safe and stay at home!


Have a nice Sunday. I will come back with another post on Wednesday!

Judith xx

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