How To Do Moodboards


Moodboards have helped me with my anxiety. Let’s start there.

What are moodboards? A moodboard is like the visual form of brainstorming.

Moodboards can help visualize an idea, therefore can help at work projects, school, blogs… But moodboards can also help inspiring yourself and your life.

twitter moodboard

Let’s get into how to do them because the best way to understand moodboards is by making them:

Where? Where do we find photos to add to our moodboard?

Simple answer: Pinterest (it’s the best place), Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram…

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 19.29.34

What? What are we looking for?

-Whatever inspires the mood that you have right at that moment.

-Or the mood that you want to have.

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 19.29.46

-Or a mood that you usually feel, like a nostalgic feeling.

-Look for what you want to manifest, the life that you want to achieve, the feelings you want to achieve. Here’s an example:


-Seasonal moodboards: everything that you feel or see when you think of summer, spring, winter or fall.

-Anything that makes you happy or that you like. Like a tv show.

gossip girl moodboards

How many photos?

-Pinterest: create a board and keep adding!

-Twitter: 2 or 4 photos.

-How many speak to you. If you’re going to hang them on your wall you can put 5 or 20. It’s up to you.

pinterest moodboards

How to properly do moodboards?

-Save all those images on your phone/laptop.

-GIVE CREDIT to the owner whenever you can.

-Post your collection or moodboard on your feed so others can RT or save it to yourself for your own inspiration. If you want, you can print them and hang them on your walls!

moodboards wall


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