Bedroom Ideas


I’m sure that a lot of you enjoy doing or watching room makeovers. The idea that the same space with different furniture or the same furniture changed in different positions can make you more happy or comfy in that room it’s really appealing.

But what about all the work and the time that you have to give to see such a difference? Sometimes it can be too much or we don’t have enough time or we just don’t want to spend all that time remodeling a room that already “works”.

Today I wanted to share EASY bedroom decor ideas that won’t take long but will still make a difference. And then I wanted to share some more, for those of you who feel more adventurous and want a bigger change. Here we go:


1. Mirrors:

mirror 1

Hanged on the wall or a full-frame one will make your room look bigger and more spacious. 

2. Add a fur throw to your chair:

chairs with fur

Obviously, fake fur. This is one of the things that will make people think that you have made an effort with absolutely no effort at all.

3. Display your shoes in an organized way:


The first photo with the shoe cabinet also works as a smart space to put your books or your keys. The second photo is a way to display the shoes that you love but in a nice way.

4. Decorate your walls:


A mirror is one way to do it, but you can also put up a painting that you like or that you did. Or even a wall full of paintings. If you want something easier, go for real or fake plants hanged on the ceiling.

5. Make your movie stand:

movie stand

You’ll need a little bit more space for this but, if you love watching movies, it’s totally worth it. You only need some movies, lots of snacks, if you can a mini popcorn machine and anything that you would love to have the most amazing cinema experience.


1. High beds:


The change of a normal bed to a semi-high bed it’s amazing. With this bed, you have the same comfort but a lot of storage underneath it. It’s a great way to make space in your bedroom.

2. Swinging chair:


You do need a big room for this, so if you have it USE IT. This could be a fun and relaxing little corner for reading or just hang out.

3. Mini movie theater:


This is the perfect match for the movie stand. You only need a projector, a white wall or a place to hang a sheet and some sort of audio system. You can sync your Alexa device with the projector and have pretty decent audio.

*Life-hack: plug in your Amazon Fire TV in your projector and sync your Alexa device for the audio. You will have infinite movies and TV shows without the need to connect your projector with your laptop. 


Hope you liked all of the ideas!


Don’t forget: From the 4th of May there will be a movie review every Monday!

Have a nice Wednesday. I will come back with another post on Sunday!!

Judith  xx

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