Bedroom Ideas

Hello! I’m sure that a lot of you enjoy doing or watching room makeovers. The idea that the same space with different furniture or the same furniture changed in different positions can make you more happy or comfy in that room it’s really appealing. But what about all the work and the time that you… Continue reading Bedroom Ideas

Favorite Skincare Products – Avène

Hello! Skincare should be really important for everybody. I’m not talking about lip fillers or beauty. Skincare is the use of cosmetics to care for the skin. And last time I checked we only have one skin for all our lives, that’s why is so important to take care of it. I’ve tried a lot… Continue reading Favorite Skincare Products – Avène

W7 Pillow Talk Matte Cushion Powder Lipstick

Hello! How is the end of summer going? Excited for autumn and sweater weather? Or sad for no more long days at the beach and sun energy? I think I’m a bit of both. I’m also excited to not melt every time I go out. So, autumn is coming and with it comes Halloween and… Continue reading W7 Pillow Talk Matte Cushion Powder Lipstick