Disney Movie Collection

Hello! I’m a big fan of everything related to Disney. Their beliefs and their way to make life a little more magical. When I was little my parents would buy me Disney movies, now I’m 21 and I’m still buying them and going to the cinema when a new one comes out. Over the years… Continue reading Disney Movie Collection

Peter Pan Book | Book Review

Hello! Everyone has wanted to be like Peter Pan or Wendy or even one of the lost boys. When I was little i wanted to have a little fairy as a friend,  just like Peter. And then in 2003, Columbia Pictures released the movie with Jeremy Sumpter ( his insta ) and we all fell in love… Continue reading Peter Pan Book | Book Review

Movies I’ve Watched In March

Hello! Who doesn’t like cozy nights in, watching a movie in your so beloved sofa. Or, who doesn’t love to go to the cinema and eat popcorn and probably go to McDonald’s afterwards. Because I love watching movies so much (old and new ones), this post it’s about the movies that I’ve watched on March,… Continue reading Movies I’ve Watched In March

My Top Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies

In the middle of my recovery I have a lot of free time. Which means I pass my days reading, writing, online and obviously watching tv shows and movies. Disney movies are amazing and they can transport you to sweet moments of your childhood. There’re are 56 official Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, and they… Continue reading My Top Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies