Favorite Skincare Products – Avène

Hello! Skincare should be really important for everybody. I’m not talking about lip fillers or beauty. Skincare is the use of cosmetics to care for the skin. And last time I checked we only have one skin for all our lives, that’s why is so important to take care of it. I’ve tried a lot… Continue reading Favorite Skincare Products – Avène

Tattoo Care Cream From Easy Kits – review

Hello! Today I bring you a review of the tattoo cream I use. I got three new tattoos a month ago and they’re fully healed now. So this is the Tattoo Care cream from Easy Kits. My tattoo artist gave it to me and I love it. It says “it’s unique anti-inflammatory and moisturizing pro-vitamins, extracts… Continue reading Tattoo Care Cream From Easy Kits – review