Marion Face Mask


I think everybody loves reviews, so here is another one.

Let’s talk about Marion Face Mask.  I had this one for a while but it’s not like the ones that I usually use (pore cleansing or activated charcoal or scrubs) I wasn’t so sure to try it out.

But to my surprise this face mask is one of the best ones that I have ever tried.


It says that it adapts perfectly  to your face, but that’s the only problem that I had with it, because it was a bit big for my face.

You have to wait 10 minutes and then you can take it off. It left my skin more hydrated than ever, even when I use my mosturizer. And also it felt like a pore cleansing mask because my skin was super. As you can see is says deeply cleansing so that would explain it.


Oh and the amount of product that came in was surprising, like wow.

I will try another one of Marion face mask very soon because I’m in love and they are super cheap even though you can only use them once.

—What’s your favourite face mask?—


Have a great Monday. I will come back with another post very soon!

Judith xx


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