Breakfast ideas


Good morning everyone!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I believe that is not only for the nutrients and energy that we get for our day, but for that moment, that you have before your day actually starts.

Sometimes that moment can turn stressful and ruin the vibe that we were going for.

Let me help you with this list of breakfast ideas, so you can have a quick fix or prepare for the next morning with more peace.

1.Mug Cake


This is a delicious and special breakfast. It’s on the not-so-healthy side but it it won’t hurt once in a while. It’s perfect if you have a sweet tooth or want to surprise someone.

Here’s the super easy recipe.

2.Overnight oats.

AfterlightImage 5

The easiest way to feel full and have a great and healthy breakfast is making overnight oats.

  1. Get a bowl and add some rolled oats (if you want them thicker add less milk, if you want them more “liquidy” add more milk).
  2. Put it in the fridge and leave it there all night.
  3. In the morning add all the toppings that you want: Nutella, fruit, peanut butter, jelly, cinnamon
  4. You can eat it cold or you can microwave it for 40 seconds or one minute to eat it warm.

My favourite mix is: overnight oats with Nutella, a sliced banana, vanilla extract and cinnamon. I heat it in the microwave and then add the banana. It’s so good and it tastes like a cookie!

3.Yoghurt and fruit:

Even easier, you just have to cut the fruits that you like and add some toppings like nuts or honey and you’re good to go!

4.Coffee or tea:


Black. Latte. Cappuccino. Frappuccino. Mocha. Green tea. Black tea. Chai latte

It’s very simple but for the people that don’t like to eat right after waking up, this will give your body the kick it needs to start the day.



I hate cooking, but for some reason I don’t mind making an omelette because of how great it feels to eat it in the morning. It just feels like I’m in a hotel. You can put in whatever you want: greens, ham, cheese, mushrooms



For all the energetic and gym-in-the-morning people, smoothies are a must. You get all the yummy and essential nutrients in a faster way.

The possibilities are endless: green smoothie, banana and strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, piña colada…

Here are some amazing ideas.


Have a great Wednesday. I will come back with another post on Sunday!

Judith xx

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