Happy Outfits – pt. 1

Hello! The power that fashion can have in your daily life it’s amazing. When I’m having a bad day or week I try to put myself up, and sometimes the smallest things make the difference. So this is my little change: This are my favourite socks and my favourite sneakers. So I put on a denim… Continue reading Happy Outfits – pt. 1

Tattoo Care Cream From Easy Kits – review

Hello! Today I bring you a review of the tattoo cream I use. I got three new tattoos a month ago and they’re fully healed now. So this is the Tattoo Care cream from Easy Kits. My tattoo artist gave it to me and I love it. It says “it’s unique anti-inflammatory and moisturizing pro-vitamins, extracts… Continue reading Tattoo Care Cream From Easy Kits – review

What’s In My Bag/Backpack 2017

Hello! Today I’m showing you what’s in my bag! I normally wear backpacks instead of bags, because I think is so much better for your back. I got mine as a birthday present and it’s from MISAKO . I also own other backpacks similar to this ones at Zara, H&M, Asos… The little pom pom is also… Continue reading What’s In My Bag/Backpack 2017

Outfit Of The Day – Black And White Stripes

Hello! Here I come with another outfit of the day. I think this outfit defines my style perfectly. I always wear black, white or grey because I think they suit me very well.   Talking about my hair, this is the comfiest and the most easy hair style ever. Basically I divided my hair in… Continue reading Outfit Of The Day – Black And White Stripes