STAR WARS I – II – III – Review


Welcome to the first Movie Monday post! There will be a new movie/tv show review every Monday! So if you’ve run out of ideas for movies to watch this will save you!



I’m well aware that I’m super late to review these movies, but I watched them for the first time a week ago and I wanted to do a review to start Movie Monday. So, let’s get into it:

The plot: Basically, the different cities or countries or the galaxy are in a war. (we all know that) I found really interesting getting to know the different sides of the war and what they were fighting for.


Characters: There are A LOT of characters. Sometimes I got confused by who was who but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I felt like all the characters except Anakin had a very strong change in their personalities through the movies and I didn’t really like that. I also felt that Padmé’s character loses all her power and was ALMOST irrelevant at the end of the movies.


Love storyline: I was all in for Anakin and Padmé. And I enjoyed watching their story from different perspectives. But the end… What a pity…


Battles: I’m not a fan of space movies and sometimes it felt like they were too long, although it didn’t really bother me I would have liked to know more about the Jedi Order or the different cities and people, instead of some of the battle scenes.

Humor: there’s not a lot of it BUT they gave us some very funny moments like:


Final thoughts: 

  • I bet the final scene where Anakin is transformed into Darth Vader, was shocking when it was first released.
  • Nobody is fully good and nobody is fully evil.”
  • The third one was my least favorite one, but I still enjoyed it!

I’m excited to watch chapters IV, V and VI. Since they were the first one to be filmed and where everything actually started.

Hope you liked this review, come back next Monday for the next one!

Remember:  Mondays- Movie Monday; Wednesdays and Sundays- new blogposts.

Have a nice Monday. I will come back with another post on Wednesday.

Judith xx

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