Outfit Of The Day – Black And White Stripes


Here I come with another outfit of the day.

I think this outfit defines my style perfectly. I always wear black, white or grey because I think they suit me very well.

OOTD 2 - 8OOTD 2 - 9


Talking about my hair, this is the comfiest and the most easy hair style ever. Basically I divided my hair in half and I put the top half in a bun and then I make two braids with the bottom half.

OOTD 2 - 7OOTD2 - 10

Everything that I wear is super comfortable because I always try to feel good with what I’m wearing and with myself.

OOTD 2 - 4


For the make up of this look I did what I always do, so we could say this is my every day make up. And I loved how it looked today and I was feeling myself.

OOTD 2- 5OOTD 2 - 1


And just to add up a little something more to the outfit I grab my Casio watch and the “Eye of the tiger rock” necklace that my parents gave me.

OOTD 2 - 2OOTD 2- 3


Have a great Tuesday! I will come back with a post very soon!


Judith xx

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