The Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu, California

Have you ever wished you could live in the Barbie house? Well now is your chance! To celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary they have recreated the iconic Barbie Mansion called Dreamhouse in Malibu, California. It will only be available from the 27th to 29th October. Just one weekend to remember forever! If you want to be… Continue reading The Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu, California

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

Hello! I’ve joined the club of people obsess over “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. It’s been almost two months since this movie came out and it immediately had a lot of fans. The movie is based on the book with the same title. I haven’t read the book, but because I loved the… Continue reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

Avocado And Egg Toast

Hello! We all know that eggs and avocado are a perfect match right? Well today I bring you an avocado, egg and CHEESE toast! This is a perfect lunch because it gives you energy thanks to the carbs and keeps you full till dinner! Also, it’s sooooo easy to do! What you need: 1 Avocado (a… Continue reading Avocado And Egg Toast

Best School Stationary

Hello! If there’s something to be excited about starting school is stationary. I’m one of those persons who have drawers full of pens and pencils that I’m not going to consume in one lifetime. I remember going to school carrying  3 pencil cases because I wanted (and I thought) that I would need everything. Over… Continue reading Best School Stationary

Adopted Animals – Before And After

Hello! School is starting, rains are coming back… So why not light up your week by looking at this photos of shelter and abandoned animals being adopted!? Warning: some of the images may be a little sensitive! Second warning: this may make you want to adopt a pet… or 10. 1. C’mon look at those… Continue reading Adopted Animals – Before And After


Hello! Today I bring you one of my favourite apps of the moment (and I mean from the past months): Lifesum! Lifesum is a food diary, that tracks your calorie intake as well as proteins, fat, water… You make a profile where you put how much you weight, if you have an active lifestyle, diet… Continue reading Lifesum

Outfit Of The Day – Black And White Stripes

Hello! Here I come with another outfit of the day. I think this outfit defines my style perfectly. I always wear black, white or grey because I think they suit me very well.   Talking about my hair, this is the comfiest and the most easy hair style ever. Basically I divided my hair in… Continue reading Outfit Of The Day – Black And White Stripes