Peter Pan Book | Book Review


Everyone has wanted to be like Peter Pan or Wendy or even one of the lost boys. When I was little i wanted to have a little fairy as a friend,  just like Peter. And then in 2003, Columbia Pictures released the movie with Jeremy Sumpter ( his insta ) and we all fell in love with him (and we all felt jealous of Wendy).


J. M. Barrie is the one who created  Peter Pan, which was first written as a stage play and the adapted into a novel.

In 1929 J. M. Barrie donated all rights in Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. After 50 years of Barrie’s death the copyright expired, however a unique Act of Parliament restored royalty income from all versions of Peter Pan to the hospital, which means that very sick children there will continue to benefit from J. M. Barrie’s gift as long as the hospital exists.

When I bought this book I expected some kind of Disney story, but I found another kind of story. Sometimes it’s even a bit hard to follow it but because it’s really fantasy-like well written. You can read a side of Peter Pan that’s really interesting and that no one has ever told you about.


If you like Peter Pan you should totally read this book. Btw, look how beautiful the front cover is! It’s made to look like it has been drawn with chalkboard.


Have a nice Monday. I will come back with another post very soon!


Judith xx

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