Carrie Pilby – Movie Review


This movie is on my TOP 5 favorites.

carrie pilby 1


Carrie is a 19-year-old child-prodigy (portrayed by Bel Powley). She graduated from Harvard University at a very young age and now is living on her own in NYC. She’s now a bit isolated and visiting Dr. Pretov, a therapist, that makes her write a to-do list of things to do to be happier. Carrie tries to fulfill her list, even though she thinks it’s stupid. But little by little she starts changing and so does her view of the world.

It’s directed by Susan Johnson, and it’s based on the novel “Carrie Pilby” by Caren Lissner.

carrie pilby 2

My opinion:

What I love the most about this movie is the fact that I can really relate to the main character Carrie and she the way she is and behaves. Which is refreshing, because I don’t often fully relate to movie characters.

It’s the perfect comedy-drama for all the Carrie’s of the world. It has the right amount of everything: comedy, “drama”, heart-warming scenes, self-discovery moments, humor (again), and happy feels.

Would I recommend this movie?

I would 100% recommend this movie to everyone! For me, it’s the only movie that I love from the begging to the end and doesn’t have any flaws.


If you don’t want to buy a physical copy (which you should), you can find it on Netflix.

carrie pilby 3

What else?

The movie “Rules Don’t Apply” is in the more like this section of Carrie Pilby, so I guess that’s the next movie I’ll watch!


Have you seen Carrie Pilby or Rules Don’t Apply? Let me know what you think of them!


Have a great Wednesday. I will come back with another post on Sunday! (clue: skincare and Avène)

Judith xx



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