Tattoo Care Cream From Easy Kits – review


Today I bring you a review of the tattoo cream I use.

I got three new tattoos a month ago and they’re fully healed now.

So this is the Tattoo Care cream from Easy Kits. My tattoo artist gave it to me and I love it.


It says “it’s unique anti-inflammatory and moisturizing pro-vitamins, extracts and oils such as Panthenol (5%), aloe vera, musk rose, arnica and calendula, alleviates the symptoms of dry and irritated skin.” And it’s true !!

If my tattoos got itchy or way too swollen I’d put cream on them and it will be all good.

So I would recommend you to try this cream because it’s amazing and a lot of the things that it has are natural.

I hope you liked this post. Tell me your opinion if you have try it or tell me if you’re going to.


Have a great Wednesday. I will come back with another post very soon!

Judith xx

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