W7 Pillow Talk Matte Cushion Powder Lipstick

Hello! How is the end of summer going? Excited for autumn and sweater weather? Or sad for no more long days at the beach and sun energy? I think I’m a bit of both. I’m also excited to not melt every time I go out. So, autumn is coming and with it comes Halloween and… Continue reading W7 Pillow Talk Matte Cushion Powder Lipstick

What’s In My Bag/Backpack 2017

Hello! Today I’m showing you what’s in my bag! I normally wear backpacks instead of bags, because I think is so much better for your back. I got mine as a birthday present and it’s from MISAKO . I also own other backpacks similar to this ones at Zara, H&M, Asos… The little pom pom is also… Continue reading What’s In My Bag/Backpack 2017